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Toote kood GL-1
Description GL-1 paint/lacquer thickness gauge Measurement of varnish thickness on car steel, galvanized and aluminium sheets. Advantages: high product quality confirmed by the "Best in Poland®" mark each meter tested before shipping by the manufacturer meters are constantly being improved, we cooperate with the scientific staff Basic device features: measurement on steel and galvanized steel sheets, measurement resolution: 1µm or 10µm depending on the settings in MENU, measurement range (varnish thickness): 0µm to 1100µm, device zeroing option (calibration) - zeroing (calibration) plate is included, memory: 100 measurements, LCD backlight automatic switch off of the meter after 3 minutes of inactivity, power supply: 9V alkaline battery (e.g. 6LR61) or 9V rechargeable battery,
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Unit Gross Weight 0.22 kg
Unit Net Weight 0.12 kg
Shipping box quantity 1
Colour Black
Unit Brutto Volume 0.0007612 cubm
Shipping Box Width 14.5 cm
Shipping Box Depth 15 cm
Shipping Box Height 3.5 cm
Shipping Box Weight 0.22 kg
Full Description Line Weight 0.12 kg
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ELK 2tk 1-2 PÄEVA