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Avaleht / E-Pood / Elektrijalgrattad / BIKE ELECTRIC URBANICER CITY/GENTS 28" 51580-0611 PROPHETE
Toote kood 51580-0611
Travel distance 60
Wheel size 28"
Bicycle properties Urban
Bicycle properties Gents
Description The new PROPHETE URBANICER is truely a revolution as far as e-bikes are concerned. One doesn't even notice that the URBANICER is not a regular bicycle but an e-bike with an engine and a battery hidden in the wheels. The AEG EasyDrive Mini front-mounted engine has the size of a hub dynamo and offers the regular 250 watts of power anyways. With a maximum torque of 40 Nm this urban e-bike gives you a real boost in daily traffic. The e-bike for gents comes equipped with a diamond frame and seems to be a regular bike at first glance. With the PROPHETE URBANICER you will have to get used to questions like:"Is this an e-bike for real?" or "where is your battery?" The battery with its 252 Wh is mounted at the rear wheel hub. It "hides" between the SHIMANO DEORE 8-gear derailleur and the hydraulic disc brakes by SHIMANO.  Alongside its functionality the safety is a big issue with his URBANICER e-bike. The lighting is discreetely positioned on the handlebars and the mudguards. You will be visible, even if your new e-bike is coloured in an elegant matt black.
Vendor Homepage
Unit Gross Weight 27.5 kg
Unit Net Weight 21 kg
Shipping box quantity 1
Battery Lithium-Ion rechargeable
Unit Brutto Volume 0.552 cubm
Battery capacity 7 Ah
Shipping Box Width 24 cm
Shipping Box Depth 200 cm
Shipping Box Height 115 cm
Shipping Box Weight 27.5 kg
Max. weight 150 kg
Rated power 250 Watts
Charging time 2.5 hours
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ELK 1tk 1-2 PÄEVA