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Avaleht / E-Pood / Kõvakettad / SSD|DAHUA|DHI-SSD-C800A|240GB|SATA 3.0|TLC|WRITE SPEED 460 M
Toote kood SSD-C800AS240G
Tootja DAHUA
Description DHI-SSD-C800A series adopts high-quality 3D wafer level chip and high-performance controller. It is consumer-grade solid state drive designed for personal desktops and notebooks. The product can process data efficiently and ensure quick start-ups. In multi-tasking it can ensure high speed and stability. DHI-SSD-C800A series is standard 2.5" consumer-grade solid state drive which is applicable to personal desktops, notebooks, all-in-one computers, and more. Capacity: 240 GB Interface: SATA III Read Speed: Up to 550 MB/s Write Speed Up to 460 MB/s Memory Component: 3D TLC Operating Temperature: 0°C to 70°C S.M.A.R.T, TRIM, Garbage Collection MTBF: 1 500 000 hours Shock Resistance: 1500G/0.5 ms (half sine wave) TBW: 120 TB Product Dimensions: 100.20 mm × 69.90 mm × 7.00 mm Net Weight: Max 40 g
Dimensions 100.20 × 69.90 × 7.00mm
Drive thickness 7mm
Form Factor 2,5"
Full Description Line SSD series DHI-SSD-C800A|240GB|SATA 3.0|TLC|Write speed 460 MBytes/sec|Read speed 550 MBytes/sec|Form Factor 2,5"|Drive thickness 7mm|MTBF 1500000 hours
MTBF 1.5e+006 hours
NAND flash technology TLC
Read speed 550 MBytes/sec
SATA 3.0 Yes
Shipping Box Depth 40 cm
Shipping Box Height 12 cm
Shipping box quantity 25
Shipping Box Weight 1.95 kg
Shipping Box Width 15 cm
SSD Capacity 240GB
SSD series DHI-SSD-C800A
Unit Brutto Volume 0.000288 cubm
Unit Gross Weight 0.078 kg
Unit Net Weight 0.04 kg
Write speed 460 MBytes/sec
Category Code SSM
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ELK 50tk 1-2 PÄEVA