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Avaleht / E-Pood / Kontrollerid / THRUSTMASTER | PEDALS | TM-LCM PRO | BLACK/SILVER
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Toote kood 4060121
Tootja Thrustmaster
Description The first Thrustmaster® pedal set featuring brake loadcell for ultra-precise dosage! Kits of 6 springs included allowing a multitude of quick adjustments;High-precision acceleration and clutch : with magnetic sensors (H.E.A.R.T technology - HallEffect AccuRate Technology).
Shipping Box Depth 47 cm
Shipping Box Height 32 cm
Shipping box quantity 1
Shipping Box Weight 7.45 kg
Shipping Box Width 43 cm
Unit Brutto Volume 0.06467 cubm
Unit Gross Weight 7.45 kg
Unit Net Weight 6.6 kg
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