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Avaleht / E-Pood / WiFi adapterid / UBIQUITI POE-24-24W-G UBIQUITI POE-24G P
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Toote kood POE-24-24W-G
Description PoE Adapters are highly reliable, and when used with Ubiquiti TOUGHCable, they provide earth grounding and surge protection to help protect against electrostatic discharge (ESD) events. - POE-24-24W-G has a Gigabit LAN port - 24VDC @ 1A Ubiquiti PoE Adapters provide a variety of features to help protect your PoE devices: • Surge protection • Clamping protection • Maximum surge discharge • Peak pulse current • AC cable with earth ground Electrostatic discharge (ESD) is the leading cause for outdoor device failures. You can effectively protect against ESD damage using a grounded Ubiquiti PoE Adapter, TOUGHCable™, and TOUGHCable Connectors
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Product Type Adapter
Surge protection Difference and Common Mode
Power supply requirements 90-260VAC @ 47-63 Hz
Operating temperature range 0 to 40° C
Dimensions 88 x 57 x 33 mm
Shipping box quantity 50
Shipping Box Depth 38 cm
Shipping Box Height 25 cm
Shipping Box Weight 16 kg
Shipping Box Width 52 cm
Unit Brutto Volume 0.000988 cubm
Unit Net Weight 0.159 kg
Unit Gross Weight 0.32 kg
Unit Box Width 0.1
Unit Box Length 0.185
Unit Box Height 0.04
Full Description Line Product Type Adapter|Surge protection Difference and Common Mode|Power supply requirements 90-260VAC @ 47-63 Hz|Operating temperature range 0 to 40° C|Dimensions 88 x 57 x 33 mm
Category Code POE
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