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Toote kood 7TCDN
Tootja DELL
SFP transceiver type Fiber optic
Maximum data transfer rate 4000 Mbit/s
Interface type QSFP+
Fiber optic connector LC
SFP transceiver standard SR
Maximum transfer distance 150 m
Wavelength 850 nm
Brand compatibility Dell
Compatible products - Dell Networking N3132PX-ON - Dell Networking N4000 Series - Dell Networking N4032 - Dell Networking N4032F - Dell Networking N4064 - Dell Networking N4064F - Dell Networking S4048-ON - Dell Networking S4048T-ON - Dell Networking S4810-ON - Dell Networking S5000 - Dell Networking S5212F-ON - Dell Networking S5224F-ON - Dell Networking S5232F-ON - Dell Networking S5248F-ON - Dell Networking S5296F-ON - Dell Networking S6100 - Dell Networking Z9100 - OptiPlex GX260 DT - PowerConnect 8100 - PowerConnect 8100 Series - PowerEdge C4130 - PowerEdge C4140 - PowerEdge C6320 - PowerEdge C6420 - PowerEdge FC420 - PowerEdge FC430 - PowerEdge FC620 - PowerEdge FC630 - PowerEdge FC640 - PowerEdge FC830 - PowerEdge M1000e - PowerEdge M640 - PowerEdge M640 VRTX - PowerEdge R200 - PowerEdge R220 - PowerEdge R230 - PowerEdge R240 - PowerEdge R300 - PowerEdge R320 - PowerEdge R330 - PowerEdge R340 - PowerEdge R410 - PowerEdge R415 - PowerEdge R420 - PowerEdge R430 - PowerEdge R440 - PowerEdge R510 - PowerEdge R515 - PowerEdge R520 - PowerEdge R530 - PowerEdge R540 - PowerEdge R610 - PowerEdge R620 - PowerEdge R630 - PowerEdge R640 - PowerEdge R6415 - PowerEdge R710 - PowerEdge R715 - PowerEdge R720 - PowerEdge R720XD - PowerEdge R730 - PowerEdge R730xd XL - PowerEdge R740 - PowerEdge R740XD - PowerEdge R740xd2 - PowerEdge R7415 - PowerEdge R7425 - PowerEdge R805 - PowerEdge R810 - PowerEdge R815 - PowerEdge R820 - Poweredge R830 - PowerEdge R840 - PowerEdge R900 - PowerEdge R905 - PowerEdge R910 - PowerEdge R920 - PowerEdge R930 - PowerEdge R940 - PowerEdge R940xa - PowerEdge T130 - PowerEdge T140 - PowerEdge T330 - PowerEdge T340 - PowerEdge T410 - PowerEdge T420 - PowerEdge T430 - PowerEdge T440 - PowerEdge T610 - PowerEdge T620 - PowerEdge T630 - PowerEdge T640 - PowerEdge T710 - PowerEdge XR2 - PowerVault DL2100 - PowerVault DL2200 - PowerVault DR4100 - PowerVault NX3000 - PowerVault NX3200 - PowerVault NX3300 - PowerVault NX400 - PowerVault NX440
Number of products included 1 pc(s)
Ladu Laos Kättetoimetamise aeg
EP3 13tk 21-45 PÄEVA

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