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Toote kood HAP201
Tootja DAHUA
Description ·CPU built-in audio sampling module, low interference from the hardware circuit, audio signal has low noise   ·Smart audio crack protection, auto low microphone sensitivity to meet the requirements of the high volume to reduce audio crack.  ·Adopts wide dynamic range processing technology for the valid audio signal, balances the processing of high audio and low audio.   ·High-sensitivity microphone, omni-directional pickup, clear audio, high anti-inference capability ·Noise reduction via the algorithm to enhance signal definition.   ·Auto gain and compensate the human voice frequency. Exaggerates the human voice in environment of lots of noise and can present the clear voice.    ·It can effectively reduce the indoor reverberation resulting from the reflection via the wall, ceiling.  ·It supports screaming control function and can greatly enhance the speaker effect when the pickup and the loud speaker are in the same environment.   ·Built-in high-speed CPU, real-time processing audio signal, low latency.   ·Built-in lighting protection, power two-polarity misconnection  protection, static electricity protection. Pickup Range 1~150 m2 Sensitivity -38dB Frequency response 20Hz~20kHz Omni-directional SNR: 85 dB (1 m 40 dB audio source SPL) Dynamic range 106dB (1KHz at Max dB SPL) Output signal amplitude 2.5Vpp/-25dB Electret condenser microphone Working voltage DC 12V (9~18V) Working current 60mA Working temperature -20ºC~+60ºC Dimension 79.6mmx79.6mmx21.5mm / 0.06kg
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Unit Gross Weight 0.106 kg
Unit Net Weight 0.06 kg
Shipping box quantity 1
Colour White
Unit Brutto Volume 0.0006413 cubm
Dimensions 79.6mmx79.6mmx21.5mm
Shipping Box Width 9.5 cm
Shipping Box Depth 12.5 cm
Shipping Box Height 5.4 cm
Shipping Box Weight 0.106 kg
Full Description Line Colour White|Unit Brutto Volume 0.0006413 cubm
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