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Toote kood GL-1S
Description GL-1S paint/lacquer thickness gauge Basic gauge for measuring paint thickness on steel and galvanized steel sheets Advantages: high product quality confirmed by the "Best in Poland®" mark each meter tested before shipping by the manufacturer meters are constantly being improved, we cooperate with the scientific staff Basic device features: measurement on steel and galvanized steel sheets, probe type: on cable, measurement resolution: 1µm or 10µm depending on the settings in MENU, measurement range (varnish thickness): 0µm to 1100µm, measurement memory: 100 items, device zeroing option (calibration) - zeroing (calibration) plate is included, LCD backlight automatic switch off of the meter after 3 minutes of inactivity, power supply: 9V alkaline battery (e.g. 6LR61) or 9V rechargeable battery,
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Unit Gross Weight 0.28 kg
Unit Net Weight 0.12 kg
Shipping box quantity 1
Colour Black
Unit Brutto Volume 0.00143 cubm
Shipping Box Width 14.3 cm
Shipping Box Depth 20 cm
Shipping Box Height 5 cm
Shipping Box Weight 0.28 kg
Full Description Line Weight 0.12 kg
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ELK 1tk 1-2 PÄEVA