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Avaleht / E-Pood / Juhtimiskeskused / CONTROL PANEL ADVANCED/16-64ZONES INTEGRA64 SATEL
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Toote kood INTEGRA64
Tootja SATEL
Category Code CNP
Description - 16 up to 64 zones - 32 partitions, 8 objects - 16 up to 64 programmable outputs - keypads and expansion modules buses - built-in telephone dialer with monitoring, voice messaging and remote control features - access control and home automation features - system operation with LCD keypads, partition keypads, keyfobs and proximity cards or remotely with mobile phone or PC - 64 independent timers for automatic control - event log with 6143 entries and event printing feature - 192+8+1 users - RS-232 port - RJ type socket - flash firmware upgrade with a PC - built-in 3A switching mode backup power supply with battery charging and diagnostic features
Dimensions 23.5 x 14 x 5.5cm
Full Description Line Max. wireless zones 48|Max. number of outputs 64|Max. number of zones 64
Max. number of outputs 64
Max. number of zones 64
Max. wireless zones 48
Shipping Box Depth 29 cm
Shipping Box Height 5.5 cm
Shipping box quantity 1
Shipping Box Weight 0.43 kg
Shipping Box Width 14.5 cm
Unit Box Height 0.055
Unit Box Length 0.29
Unit Box Width 0.145
Unit Brutto Volume 0.002313 cubm
Unit Gross Weight 0.43 kg
Unit Net Weight 0.22 kg
Ladu Laos Kättetoimetamise aeg
ELK 2tk 1-2 PÄEVA