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Toote kood BRACKETC
Tootja SATEL
Description The BRACKET C set of wall brackets is designed for mounting the outdoor detectors: OPAL, OPAL Plus, OPAL Pro and AOD-200. The set consists of two types: ball-joint bracket and angle bracket. The ball-joint bracket offers the swiveling vertical range of 60° and the horizontal swiveling range of 90°. This makes it easier to find the optimal position relative to the detection zone. However, if the premises require that the detector be set permanently at an angle of 45° relative to the wall, you can use the angle bracket. Each of the brackets is also provided with a tamper switch responding to any attempt to pull the device away from the wall.
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Unit Gross Weight 0.154 kg
Unit Net Weight 0.1 kg
Shipping box quantity 1
Unit Brutto Volume 0.0009479 cubm
Shipping Box Width 4.1 cm
Shipping Box Depth 17 cm
Shipping Box Height 13.6 cm
Shipping Box Weight 0.154 kg
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ELK 3tk 1-2 PÄEVA