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Toote kood GSM-X
Tootja SATEL
Category Code ADM
Description GSM-X is a multi-purpose communication module that offers extensive functionality and support for multiple communication paths. It can easily find numerous applications, some of which can be implemented in parallel. - Dual Path Reporting support according to EN 50136* for DP4 category - conversion of telephone reporting into audio/SMS/Ethernet*/GPRS formats - sending notifications to max. 8 phone numbers - notification: audio/SMS/PUSH/CLIP - conversion of PAGER messages into SMS - telephone line simulation via GSM - GSM gateway - switching to GSM in case of telephone line failure - compatibility with INTEGRA and INTEGRA Plus control panels: - fast data transfer through RS-232 - conversion of RS-232/TCP/IP reporting - automatic composition of notification content (INTEGRA Plus) - ability to remotely connect to DLOADX and GUARDX programs - SMS and CLIP receiver for STAM-2 monitoring station - 4 programmable inputs (NO, NC) - 4 outputs (OC) controlled by SMS/CLIP/DTMF/GX CONTROL/GX Soft - dual SIM card support - possibility to check the pre-paid account balance and send notification if it drops below required minimum - configuration using GX Soft software: - locally via USB - remotely via Ethernet* or GPRS - interaction with GX CONTROL mobile application - remote firmware update capability - possibility of connecting a dedicated power supply unit: APS-612 or APS-412 - expansion capability by adding GSM-X-ETH Ethernet module *when used with GSM-X-ETH Enclosure OPU-2 B and antenna ANT-GSM-I included
Dimensions 126 x 158 x 46mm
Full Description Line Max. number of zones 4|PSU requirements 12 V DC|Dimensions 126 x 158 x 46mm|Unit Brutto Volume 0.001623 cubm
Max. number of zones 4
Power supply requirements 12 V DC
Shipping Box Depth 18.5 cm
Shipping Box Height 13.5 cm
Shipping box quantity 1
Shipping Box Weight 0.36 kg
Shipping Box Width 6.5 cm
Unit Box Height 0.135
Unit Box Length 0.185
Unit Box Width 0.065
Unit Brutto Volume 0.001623 cubm
Unit Gross Weight 0.36 kg
Unit Net Weight 0.255 kg
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